About Emmrod


For some people there is no experience quite as thrilling as the moment when a fish strikes. Next best is landing the fish.

These thrills are experienced whether the fish comes from the sea or a lake or river, and whether fishing from a boat or from the shore.

I especially love being away from the noise and confusion of everyday life, to be able to able to sit and think – or sit and talk – while we waiting to get a “bite”, and while sometimes this takes many hours, on other occasions it is just a minute or two before the fish take the bait.

The time spent waiting doesn’t matter to me since the pleasure isn’t just in reeling them in but in the whole package of what it entails to “go fishing”… I use most of my waiting time (and a lot of my waking hours) thinking about how to enhance my fishing experience.

I hunt the internet for products and ideas, and have made numerous “gizmos” and gadgets that help me get to my fishing spot and get my line in the water as quickly as I can. I also like to make my fishing “easy”.

Several unsatisfactory experiences kayak fishing that set me on an internet search covering several months. I combined this with correspondence with a number of keen fishermen overseas. As a result of these endeavors I now go kayak fishing in almost any conditions because I have The right kayak (Wavewalk) and the right rods (Emmrod).

“Enough talk – let’s go fishing”