Converting the Skeptics

I guess that it is natural for people to be skeptical of a product that is so different to what they are used to.

Let’s face it, traditional rods have been around for a long time and have been constantly developed. But there is always a place for developement in a different direction. After using an EMMROD I would never use anything else in a kayak, and close to 100 customers over the last couple of months have found a raft of reasons to choose EMMROD over a traditional fibreglass or carbon rod.

How about the guy who rides a motorbike to work but likes to go fishing after work each day. EMMROD is ideal to carry on his bike and is less fragile than a telescopic rod. He chose a Packer ® to go with his baitcaster reel. Then there were the (several) guys with motor homes or caravans who wanted to carry a rod but didn’t want something that would either break or take a lot of room. One key issue for one customer was to get a rod that was compact but could be used for different species. He chose a Pack-Rod ® with an 8 coil casting rod for trout and a 6 coil spinning rod for when he was fishing with his mate in Coromandel.

There have been (many) kayak guys who could see the benefit in a compact rod and especially one that won’t break when the kayak rolls in the surf. In one case, my customer stated that it was a spare to store in the hatch in case he had issues with his other rods, but once he tried his Kayak King ® , he also bought a Rugged Flex and now uses only EMMROD. I also had a kayak fisher who bought a Kayak King ® then added a Packer ® which is the combination I have used for several months.

I’ve spoken to a hunter who liked to fish the trout streams in the area that he hunted. He had broken several rods. He chose a Pack-Rod ® with an 8 coil spinning rod to use with his light spinning reel. He commented that he could flick a lure out from almost anywhere on a stream whereas he had to choose his spot carefully with a traditional rod because of the bushes and scrub.

There was a guy who wanted spare rods on his boat that were easy to use, easy to store, and wouldn’t be broken by novices he often took fishing. He bought 2 rods. He tried one himself and decided that he preferred it to the rod he had previously used.

It has been fascinating to listen to the stories. EMMRODs won’t suit everybody, but they are the ideal solution for many people.

Send me your EMMROD fishing story, and pictures if you have them.