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Web Site Upgrade

Our web site is currently undergoing a comprehensive upgrade, and we apologise to you if you find some things that don’t work.

The webmaster (me) is a dinosaur when it comes to these things so there is a lot of trial and error involved.

I prefer fishing, but in a way, its not so different.

Our New Range of Reels

We no longer stock the Qualia range of reels. Although we think that these are excellent quality reels, the price is just a little too high.

We still have some MuL10 spincasters in stock which we are offering at a special price while stocks last.

Our new range includes 3 spincasters and 2 open face spinning reels.


We stock the Zebco 202






This reel is a great entry level reel – reasonably priced and reliable. It has a tough ABS housing, stainless pick-up pins, and a built in hook keeper. It is pre-spooled with 10lb monofilament line.

We stock the all new Zebco Vault





This is our mid range spincaster. It features a ball bearing drive, all metal gears and a ceramic pick-up pin and a stainless steel cover. It has a wide range triple-cam drag system, and a large opening, a large push button line release and is left or right hand retrieve. It is 5.2:1 ratio and is pre-spooled with 10lb monofilament.

We stock the Zebco 33







The Zebco 33 is known as “the spincaster by which all other spincasters are judged”.

The Zebco 33 is a 3.3:1 ratio reel with all metal gears and a ball bearing drive. It has a triple cam drag system, dual ceramic pick-ups, audible click on hook up and a large line capacity than is common for a spincaster.

It has stainless steel covers and a built in hook keeper. It is pre-spooled with Cajun line.

Spinning Reels

We currently carry 2 spinning reels in stock.

Zebco Adventure 30






The Adventure 30 is our entry level spinning reel – great value for money.

It has a wide range adjustable drag, left or right had retrieve, 4.3:1 ratio and is Pre spooled with 10lb Cajun line.

The DCM 20 Spinning Reel











DCM is Emmrod’s reel factory. The DCM202 (also known as the Emmrod 2000) is a real tough guy.

It has a balancing system for comfortable use, an even flow chrome plated line roller, and a real gutsy bale arm.

It has very high quality drag washers and has a high speed 5.1:1 retrieve. It comes pre spooled with line.


The Current EMMROD Range from EMMROD NZ

The range has changed significantly over the last year.

The Casting Range

Casting rods are for overhead reels such as spin casters, or bait casters or pretty much any reel intended to be mounted on the top of the rod. They cannot be used with open face spinning reels (mounted under the rod) because of the trigger grip.

There are 4 Casting (Pistol Grip) rods in the range.

They are:
Kayak King
Gulf Master

We still have some Rugged Flex casting models in stock which are essentially the same as the Kayak KIng but have a natural cork handle (we have these on special while stocks last).

We stock the Packer in Black and Red.

Each of these is available with 4 coil, 6 coil, 7 coil and 8 coil tips except the Gulf Master which comes standard with a twin tip (although it can be used with the standard tips also)

We have also had customers who have bought a twin tip for their Kayak King or Rugged Flex rod.

When using casting tips, the line goes directly from the reel to the eye on the end of the tip.

The Spinning Range

Spinning Rods are intended for use with open face spinning reels that are mounted underneath the rod. Having said that, there is no reason why you can’t turn the rod up the other way and use a reel that is intended to be mounted on the top of the rod ( although if you want to use a 4 coil tip you will need to buy a casting tip – more below).

The picture is not quite as helpful as the Casting Range picture because this is not quite the range that we stock.

We stock:

Combat (which comes with its own unique 6 coil short tip)
Kayak King
We do not stock the Mountaineer.

While I mention above that Combat comes with its own special tip, all tips will fit all of these rods.

Emmrod Spinning Rods will only fit spinning reels with a small foot. 20, 30 and 40 sized reels and some 50 size will fit. With spinning reels the line from the reel is threaded through the power coils as well as the ring on the end of the tip.

The 6 and 7 coil spinning tips are now universal. If you use your spinning rod with an overhead reel, and you have purchased a 6 or 7 coil tip, you do not need to purchase a casting tip. Simply thread the line up in the same way you would a spinning reel (go through the coils as well as through the eye). If you have purchased a 4 or an 8 coil tip, you will need to purchase an extra casting tip.


GulfMaster® has changed

EMMROD has introduced a new GulfMaster ®.

The rod is similar to the GulfMaster II® but does not come with an extension. This is what EMMROD say about it.

“The Gulf Master® is Emmrod’s “big boy.”  This is our largest fishing system.

The Gulf Master® comes with a trigger grip casting reel seat, fore and aft synthetic cork grips and our two-tip bayonet rod end.

The Gulf Master® is made for large fish species and is recommended only for fish that weigh 50lbs or more.”

EMMROD New Zealand also sell the GulfMaster® with conventional casting tips – i.e the 4, 6, 7 and 8 coil tips because some EMMROD users prefer a handle with a fore-grip.




Kayak King® and Pack-Rod® have new grips

EMMROD have introduced a new NON-SLIP grip material for the Kayak King ® and the Pack-Rod® . The material is TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer which has properties similar to rubber.

In adddition, EMMROD have introduced a pistol grip casting rod into the Kayak King® range.

These are in stock now and will be added to our online shop soon.

Here are the features of the new Kayak King® Cast from the official EMMROD web site

  • TPE Hybrid anti-slip handle material.
  • Pistol grip reel seat.
  • Full length handle
  • Emmrod patented 1/4 turn locking system.
  • Made in America.
  • New TPE butt cap with lanyard ring.
  • Impact resistant nose.
  • Accepts all Emmrod stainless steal rod ends.
  • Breaks down to just 13″.
  • Excellent for closed face cast reels and bait cast reels.
  • Pack weight of just over 8 oz including rod end.

The Pachrod has the same TPE grip for all new stock

Rod Scores some Big Carrots

Rod MacDonald went out from Raglan in March. He says he lost something big with a snap-off but sent pictures of his catch – below.
He also confirms that he got the comment that most EMMROD users get when they haul out their rod in company – W T F is that.

Rod was using the new EMMROD GulfMaster® Inshore with a Qualia TLW-20 Inshore reel.

A New Location for EMMROD New Zealand

Store sales are now available in Hamilton

Our new contact details are on the contact  page, but here they are again.

6 Sheffield Street – Te Rapa – Hamilton.

This is also the location for AllQuip Hire & Sales, Tuff Gear (4WD equipment) and Wavewalk Kayaks. Do not get confused by the signage (at present there is none).

Our Phone and Contact details are.
Phone 07 849 2354 – Cell 027 344 6361 – Fax 07 849 2514.


EMMROD & Qualia

The two photos below are from 2 different trips where (in both cases) the fish were caught with an EMMROD Rugged Flex Cast rod fitted with a Qualia MuL10 reel.









While the fish are not huge, all of the Kahawai were over 700mm long, and the Snapper provided a welcome and enjoyable meal for 3