The Beginning

Invented by Duane Markley from Spokane Valley, WA, USA – EMMROD Fishing Gear was first developed due to a conflict between a man’s hobbies and his available time off.

Duane had not yet retired as an engineer, and had two hobbies and only one day off:  he loved to horseback ride, and to fish.  But, it was an all-too-common experience for him to pack his favorite collapsible fishing pole into a saddle pack, hop on his horse and ride to a mountain lake to fish, only to discover that he had broken his fishing pole.

He borrowed a basic structural design idea from a pole his Uncle, Harry Rugge, had invented about 70 years prior, and developed the first of 15 models of EMMROD fishing gear:  The Packer.

EMMROD Fishing Gear has since proven to be one of the most innovative, ingenious, versatile, and durable fishing inventions of the 20th (and now 21st) Centuries.  EMMROD’s Fishing Gear is applicable to both fresh and saltwater fishing. It can be used everywhere from perch ponds to the ocean!  Whether or not you use a spinning, spin-casting, bait-casting, conventional, or fly reel, there is an EMMROD pole designed for your specific needs.

This miraculous little rascal can get into some of the hardest places to reach with conventional fishing equipment.  Plus it is capable of out-casting its 6.5 foot counterpart.