Emmrod Stream Master

Heres what EMMROD say about it. the Stream Master.

The all new Stream Master® is Emmrod’s® answer to the indestructible fly rod question. With its consistent 60 ft. casting zone combined with light weight, stainless steel construction, the Stream Master® can handle any situation for any duration you can throw at it.

The Stream Master® will never break.  You will not snap your tip with this packable Fly Rod. All we recommend is your favorite fly, a weight forward line and the harshest, most unforgiving fishin’ hole you can find.

The Emmrod “Stream Master” Fly fishing rod system measures a short 33 inches in total length, and tips the scales at a scant-8.5 ounces. It has an easy to balance cork handle and a stainless steel coil-construction rod tip that “loads up” for ease in casting.

The Emmrod Stream Master breaks down into two easily stored pieces and measures only 25 inches. The fly rod easily tucks into a backpack, under an RV seat, a horse’s or bike saddle bag, canoe/kayak, or just about anywhere a long and cumbersome fishing rod can not go.

Because of its small weight and high-technology design, the Emmrod Stream Master can cast up to 35 to 45 feet, and is ideal for shallow water lake angling and stream fishing.

“Pick your favorite reel, line, tippet and flies, and the Emmrod Stream Master is ideal of fly fishing in all those hard to fish places that you’ve dreamed about dropping a fly or a nymph in,” says Markley. “We’re not trying to replace the traditional fly rod. We’re just opening new opportunities where the traditional fly rod is not practical. The Emmrod Stream Master fly rod is going to open up lots of waters to the fly angler that have been unfishable.”