Emmrod Kayak King

Emmrod have introduced a new handle for the Kayak King, and a new casting model with a pistol grip. Most of what I have said below is true for the Kayak King Spin, and I still think that this is the most versatile rod in the range, but if you prefer the pistol grip casting model, that is now in stock.

Here is what I said in the past!

Formerly known as the Outback, the Kayak King is possibly the most versatile Emmrod fishing rod. It will take every tip – all of the casting tips, all of the spinning tips, the universal tips and both of the Twin tips.

What other rod gives you this versatility. Those people who actually use this rod in a kayak will love it. Add a spinning tip and a spinning reel and toss softbaits. Or add a baitcaster and cast lures, or a simple overhead reel and drop a bait straight over the side – it does it all, and for any size of fish. Trout, Salmon, Snapper or Albacore – go get ‘em.

It’s true that Emmrod designed this rod for spinning, but for my money it is the go to rod for all occasions.

It will fit in a kayaks recessed rod holder or in a “Scotty” if that is what you have, and when you catch a fish there is plenty of action from the stainless tip. But you don’t give away any leverage to the fish, and when you wind it to the boat it is close enough to grab the trace – seldom do you need a net. Try one.

The Kayak King weighs around 225 grams (9oz) and is less than 700mm (27.5 inches) assembled.








Here are the details of the NEW Kayak King.

Kayak King Cast

Emmrod have the following to say about their new model.


Introducing the Kayak King Cast.

  • TPE Hybrid anti-slip handle material.
  • Pistol grip reel seat.
  • Full length handle
  • Emmrod patented 1/4 turn locking system.
  • Made in America.
  • New TPE butt cap with lanyard ring.
  • Impact resistant nose.
  • Accepts all Emmrod stainless steal rod ends.
  • Breaks down to just 13″.
  • Excellent for closed face cast reels and bait cast reels.
  • Pack weight of just over 8 oz including rod end.

The Kayak King Spin, of course, has all the same features apart from the pistol grip reel seat.