How Long?

How long are the EMMROD products? Here are the weights and assembled lengths

Packer®: 9oz./22.5″ assembled              -    255grams/571mm

Packrod Spin®: 8oz./24″ assembled       –    227grams/609mm

Packrod Cast®: 7.5oz./23″ assembled   -     213grams/584mm

Kayak King®: 9oz./27.5″ assembled     -     256grams/699mm

Rugged Flex Spin®: 8oz./27″ assembled  - 227grams/686mm

Rugged Flex Cast®: 9oz./27″ assembled  - 227grams/686mm

Mountaineer®: 8.5oz./25″ assembled        – 241grams/635mm

Combat Rod®: 8oz./19″ assembled           – 227grams/483mm

Stream Master®: 8.5oz./32″ assembled – 241grams/813mm