Emmrod Pack-Rod

To me the Pack-Rod is a cork handled (Now TPE Handled) Packer with some other advantages.

It comes in two models – spin and cast. The casting model has a pistol grip which makes ideal for use with spincasting reels and overhead reels.

You could flick lures all day with this rod – it is so very light. It can also be personalised with balancing weights that attach to the base of the handle.

It can also be used when fishing from a boat – but for kayaks, jet skis, surf boards – perfect.

The Pack-Rod® is one of our smallest rigs and is also an excellent choice for backpacking.

It weighs just 212 grams (7.5oz) and is less than 600mm long when fully assembled.

The other advantages?? It comes with a spinning version as well for use with open face spinning reels – something that is not available with the Packer.

The Pack-Rod will take any of the Emmrod stainless tips (just like all Emmrods), but I like to use it with an 8 coil tip.

The Pack-Rod spin handle has another advantage – if you buy it with one of the 6 or 7 coil universal tips then you can simply turn it over if you want to use it with an overhead reel. It doesn’t have the trigger grip to get in the way.

A large percentage of our New Zealand sales are to hunters who like to fish the trout streams in the areas that they hunt.

The split between casting and spinning is about even – I guess it depends on your preferred choice of reel.

This is a fun little rod.


Here are the new TPE handled models

This is the new TPE handled Pack-Rod Casting Rod with the pistol grip


and this is the new TPE gripped Pack-Rod Spin.