Our New Range of Reels

We no longer stock the Qualia range of reels. Although we think that these are excellent quality reels, the price is just a little too high.

We still have some MuL10 spincasters in stock which we are offering at a special price while stocks last.

Our new range includes 3 spincasters and 2 open face spinning reels.


We stock the Zebco 202






This reel is a great entry level reel – reasonably priced and reliable. It has a tough ABS housing, stainless pick-up pins, and a built in hook keeper. It is pre-spooled with 10lb monofilament line.

We stock the all new Zebco Vault





This is our mid range spincaster. It features a ball bearing drive, all metal gears and a ceramic pick-up pin and a stainless steel cover. It has a wide range triple-cam drag system, and a large opening, a large push button line release and is left or right hand retrieve. It is 5.2:1 ratio and is pre-spooled with 10lb monofilament.

We stock the Zebco 33







The Zebco 33 is known as “the spincaster by which all other spincasters are judged”.

The Zebco 33 is a 3.3:1 ratio reel with all metal gears and a ball bearing drive. It has a triple cam drag system, dual ceramic pick-ups, audible click on hook up and a large line capacity than is common for a spincaster.

It has stainless steel covers and a built in hook keeper. It is pre-spooled with Cajun line.

Spinning Reels

We currently carry 2 spinning reels in stock.

Zebco Adventure 30






The Adventure 30 is our entry level spinning reel – great value for money.

It has a wide range adjustable drag, left or right had retrieve, 4.3:1 ratio and is Pre spooled with 10lb Cajun line.

The DCM 20 Spinning Reel











DCM is Emmrod’s reel factory. The DCM202 (also known as the Emmrod 2000) is a real tough guy.

It has a balancing system for comfortable use, an even flow chrome plated line roller, and a real gutsy bale arm.

It has very high quality drag washers and has a high speed 5.1:1 retrieve. It comes pre spooled with line.


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