Taking the Tangles out of those Confusing Coils

The fewer the coils, the higher the weight rating – and – the stiffer the tip.

Casting and Spinning tips are available in:

  • 4 coils for fish up to 25 lbs (about 11.5kgs)
  • 6 coils for fish up to 10 lbs (about 4.5kgs
  • 7 coils for fish up to 5 lbs (about 2.25kgs)
  • 8 coils for fish up to 2 lbs (almost 1kg)

The basic rule is to err on the downward side.
If you occasionally catch a fish weighing six or seven pounds, do not go with the 6 coil, go with the 7 coil as it will be far more fun for you on those big guys (AND YOU WONT BREAK IT).

If you are worried that your rod is being stretched a bit too far (hard to do), just loosen your drag.

  • Twin tips are rated for fish up to 50lbs (about 22kgs).

All tips will fit all handles, and all tips are available separately, so if you are unsure, buy a base model rod and an extra tip.